Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Work = Stupendous

Sorry for the dramatic title, just that I had such a good day at work today. Really got a chance to interact with the customers and one in particular, which really made me happy.

A lovely lady came in, also called Charlotte, coincidence? She was looking for an outfit for tomorrow night to wear to a birthday dinner and she wanted to look really nice, really fancied dressing up and making an effort. She tried on nearly everything we had in store, frustrating you may think but not at all! Is really good for knowledge of the clothes and future reference to see different people wearing them and even though she apologised regularly for taking a long time etc I did not mind in the fact I enjoyed every minute, it gave me a real chance to do some styling and dress her up.

The first outfit that was a contender for the night was really nice but maybe a little bit laid back. She tried a pair of black 'Jack' trouser with a gorgeous creamy silk top 'Alicia', thin black waist belt and brand new in gorgeous magenta heels that really added style to the outfit.

However, after having tried on many tops and trousers etc to create the look, she still had a few dresses to go and as soon as she put on the navy blue 'Donatella' dress, she was hooked! So we styled it with some fabulous nude heels 'Spritz' and she looked stunning!

Know this probably sounds really boring and makes you think "yeah well that is your job love!" but there was something about helping this lady find her outfit because she was so anxious and so grateful for all the help she received...was just so nice and rewarding to see someone leave so happy and excited about their outfit! Is what the job is all about and you don't actually get to help someone so much everyday! Really cheered me up : D!

So thanks Charlotte, and hope you have an amazing evening! Am looking forward to seeing the picture of it all put together for the evening!

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