Monday, 14 March 2011

Weekend antics

Saturday night just gone the boyfriend and I made our way to Oxford O2 Academy to see an amazing band called Mona from Nashville, Tennessee. Their music is old American style rock and absolutely incredible "Mona are Sun Studio’s Million Dollar Quartet (Presley, Perkins, Lewis, Cash) rebooted 54 years on." Band members : NICK BROWN vocals/guitar/keys VINCE GARD drums ZACH LINDSEY bass JORDAN YOUNG guitar.

The gig was awesome, they kicked ass!! There was some serious audience participation, which the band loved and took total advantage of, getting us to sing the chorus etc. By the fifth song I could feel the floor of the room moving, whether that was from the mosh pit behind me or the sheer awesomeness of the music is yet to be seen, but either way it was very fitting of the rock'n'roll atmosphere. And then, the pinnacle moment, on their second to last song the lead singer got down off the stage and came into the crowd for a few minutes and then finished the rest of the song stood on the railing in front of the stage with people holding his legs to keep him steady. Of course this was the moment when my camera battery decided to die but still the memory will live on forever in my mind!!

On a more fashion note, they all looked awesome. Nick wore a tight v neck top (sexy) and some cool black jeans with leather knee patches (apparently his favourite pair of pants, excuse my american, as he's pictured in them all the time) and finished the look with brown leather boots and a silver wallet chain hanging from his belt to back pocket! Just the sort of style I like on guys. The other three wore similar attire and as a band they looked seriously cool!

Other weekend highs....have managed to gain two things off my wish list: A black hat and some black braces! The joys of having a fashionably cool and generous boyfriend. Good times!

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