Saturday, 5 March 2011

Afternoon on Park Street

As today was a day off work and uni for me, my flat mate and I decided to brave the cold and make our way to the glorious and glamorous Park Street...via St Nicholas market of course!! Know it is supposed to be Spring with colours and trends all getting brighter and bolder but it is still so bloomin cold that I feel my thick, knitted and slightly more neutral coloured clothes choices are completely justified. There are some gorgeous Spring collection clothes out there though...Am very excited for the time when I will be able to start wearing them!!

Outfit: Red vest AW 10 Topshop. Camel trousers AW 10 New Look. Scarf SS 11 Primemark.
Half time hot chocolate break at Cafe Rouge...know where else would do!!

Was debating whether to call this entry 'retail therapy...or retail depressant?' instead, but in the end I thought it would be a bit too misleading to be so miserable, as I still had a really good day. The reason for the alternative title however is an important one...I have no money (lol...and isn't that the same for every other student) but due to lack of self control I still succumbed to the call of shops such as Motel, bs8, Primemark etc and somehow money exchanged hands blah blah blah and I walked home with these goodies:
Sleeveless shirt (actually a gorgeous red), Carlo Colucci Cardigan and silk headscarf, Motel. And gold threaded navy blue jumper, Primemark. [Sorry for the poor photo quality...the lighting in this room is shite!!]

So I ask with all the money worries people have is it really retail therapy?!!

A little about Carlo Colucci ( Although I had never heard of this brand before, which is understandable as they have no stores in the UK, I am very excited to have found this cardigan. There was another I had my eye on first but then when I saw the gold detailing on this ones lapel plus it so very soft and comfortable, I just had to have it!!

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