Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tom Fleury

Tom Fleury is the designer at Cristallium Inclusion Art, a jewellery company I discovered yesterday. At least I think that is the facts, the website is all in french and so I've had to assume a few things and do a little translation work

From what I can deduce they use a material called poly methyl methacrylate acrylic, which could be a new synthesised plastic. And within the pendants, rings, knife handles, key fobs etc they have inserted such materials as pearls, crystals and gold flakes. The rings especially are beautiful, they are so elegant yet edgy at the same time and each piece is so carefully crafted giving them a real lustre and appeal.

This is a sample from the 'Black' collection, and from what I can deduce the 'Black and White' collection is PROCHAINEMENT = coming soon. Very exciting!!

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