Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Alpines 'Drive'

Sorry! It's been a while...but once this mother fucker of a work load is over 'I will be back'!!

In the mean time a musical and eye dazzling treasure for you:

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Model Envy

The models that when I see can't help wishing I could have/ be them:

5. Natasha Poly

Like so many of the actually beautiful models Natasha is Russian! She began modelling at the tender age of 15 in 2000 and since then has been the face of more campaigns than you can try to remember...for example GucciLanvinLouis VuittonRoberto CavalliSonia RykielNine WestH&MPrintempsBlumarineJil SanderMissoniCalvin KleinGivenchy etc etc etc!!

4. Helena Christensen 

Helena, who is half Danish and half Peruvian (Ooohhh to be so exotic!!) has to be in my top five because she is the face I looked at everywhere I went when I was younger, and by golly what an exquisite face!! Her modelling career took off in the 90s when you would see her adorned many a fashion magazine cover or cleverly clad in nothing but banana leaves on a 40 foot billboard in Times Square. All in a days work!

3. Natasha Vodianova

Another Russian, another Natasha, another breath taking beauty. But this time she is not in the list just for her looks but for all the amazing work she has been doing with her charity 'Naked Heart Foundation' that she founded in 2004 whose 'mission is to provide a safe and inspiring environment in which to play for every child living in urban Russia' having grown up in a poverty stricken environment herself. I wish her all the best with her future endeavours! 

2. Alice Dellal

Alice...Alice...Alice not the most sought after and well known model but where do you think all the self confessed alternative punk rockers got the idea to shave half their hair off from? Oh yes, you guessed it...from Alice!! She is the kind of cool you want to be if only you had the balls to wear half the stuff she does (or should I say doesn't)!! 

1. Erin Wasson

Last but not least the all-American beauty who has won the top stop in my list because she is gorgeous and so friggin effortlessly cool!!! She's so cool she's ice cold! She has the sort of eyes, so full of lustre and mystique, that every time you look at them its as if she is asking you to go to bed with her! And not only does she ooze sex appeal and tomboy charm but she looks good in any picture, whether that be cruising along the road on a skate board or topless on the beach. Every outfit I see her in I want instantly!!

All photos from her website

Wow could I have more of a lesbian crush on her...woops!! What will the boyf say?!

Monday, 21 March 2011

£190 H&M Wishlist

A friend of mine dragged me into H&M the other day to get himself a pair of navy blue chinos he'd seen...they looked good on him. But much to my bankrupt dismay this gave me an opportunity to look around...big BIG mistake because now I'm pining over a few (many) things! This is what I narrowed it down to for practicality purposes and then just a few treats:

Probably still not enough colour as the season and trends demand but none of their more colourful pieces really took my fancy.

Counting down the days till the end of April when I finaaaaaaallllllllllyyyyyyyyyy get paid!!! Look out H&M I will be launching an attack soon!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Bristol upcoming Fashion Events

Firstly...my outfit for the day. Putting my new hat to good use!!
New Look denim jacket. Topshop top. H&M leather look leggings. Tasselled lace shawl (under jacket) belt, military boots and HAT!!

Now for the important bit. Have found some information on a few events happening within the next month in Bristol, which are all getting me very excited! Will definitely have to make sure the camera is charged to full this time.

1. Bristol Fashion Week. Running from Wednesday 23rd - Sunday 27th March at The Mall at Cribbs Causeway. The shows will be showcasing the latest looks for Spring/Summer 2011 on 18 catwalks presented by TV fashion stylist Mark Heyes and celebrity hair stylist Andrew Barton. The event is sponsored by John Lewis and M&S. You can buy tickets online at http://www.mallcribbs.com

Couple of images from the Autumn/Winter 2010 fashion show

2. The Ultimate Fashion Weekender. Running from Saturday 2nd - Sunday 3rd April at Cabot Circus, Bristol City Centre with the catwalk located outside House of Fraser. The event with showcase this season's must-haves from some of the Cabot Circus stores. There are 9 shows and the whole event is completely free!! So definitely no excuse not to go.

3. Gimme Shelter Vintage Fair. This fair is held several times a year at The Lanes a vintage bowling alley in Bristol City Centre. The next scheduled date is Sunday 10th April! Free entry and whilst you're there you can get a drink, go bowling or grab something to eat. What more could you want?

Finally got something to look forward to in Bristol! Woop woop!!

Two for joy (just a quickie)

Have been sat at my desk procrastinating all morning instead of doing uni work when I saw a couple of magpies hopping around in the tree directly outside the window!!

Sorry about the poor photo quality...the outside of my window is filthy!!

Now I'm not a superstitious person but when I was at school if I ever saw a single magpie on the journey there in the morning during exam period I would freak out! Ha. Don't know why it was the magpies that scared me but it was a long country side journey and in the summer magpies were everywhere so it wasn't long before I refused to look out the window.

They don't have the same effect on me now, have grown up a very little bit since then, but I still hold a fondness for them in my heart and whenever I see a couple pottering around it always puts me in a good mood. So maybe now I might be able to make a start on one of my assignments...?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Kooky or ridiculous?

Saw something a little strange today...was getting off the bus at university when a fairly tall, quite on trend dressed boy walked past me with two different shoes on!?

This, in effect, was what it looked like. 

Now I'm all for wearing what ever you want...but to a certain extent. Clashing colours, layering lots of different textures, mixing up the styles, you know just being generally a bit kooky! But, not really sure how to feel about two different shoes? It wasn't even like they were the same shoe and different colours because you could tell that as an individual shoe each one belonged to a pair. Can you image if a woman decided to go a little crazy one day and pair a nice heel with a cowboy boot? Not really going to work is it!

So I ask...is this kooky or ridiculous?!

Another thing I saw at uni today, and sorry about all the engineering machinery in the background, there was no escape from it regrettably, was this:

Unfortunately there was no name or description with it so I have absolutely no idea what it's for but a couple thoughts I had were 1. For an advertisement project, as the grey base says Rimmel, or 2. A lipstick holder for a project, as the other products around it were remakes of classic items e.g. a radio and a bin. However, the truth will never be known, it is pretty cool though.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Weekend antics

Saturday night just gone the boyfriend and I made our way to Oxford O2 Academy to see an amazing band called Mona from Nashville, Tennessee. Their music is old American style rock and absolutely incredible "Mona are Sun Studio’s Million Dollar Quartet (Presley, Perkins, Lewis, Cash) rebooted 54 years on." Band members : NICK BROWN vocals/guitar/keys VINCE GARD drums ZACH LINDSEY bass JORDAN YOUNG guitar.

The gig was awesome, they kicked ass!! There was some serious audience participation, which the band loved and took total advantage of, getting us to sing the chorus etc. By the fifth song I could feel the floor of the room moving, whether that was from the mosh pit behind me or the sheer awesomeness of the music is yet to be seen, but either way it was very fitting of the rock'n'roll atmosphere. And then, the pinnacle moment, on their second to last song the lead singer got down off the stage and came into the crowd for a few minutes and then finished the rest of the song stood on the railing in front of the stage with people holding his legs to keep him steady. Of course this was the moment when my camera battery decided to die but still the memory will live on forever in my mind!!

On a more fashion note, they all looked awesome. Nick wore a tight v neck top (sexy) and some cool black jeans with leather knee patches (apparently his favourite pair of pants, excuse my american, as he's pictured in them all the time) and finished the look with brown leather boots and a silver wallet chain hanging from his belt to back pocket! Just the sort of style I like on guys. The other three wore similar attire and as a band they looked seriously cool! http://www.monatheband.com

Other weekend highs....have managed to gain two things off my wish list: A black hat and some black braces! The joys of having a fashionably cool and generous boyfriend. Good times!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Reiss VIP Event

Tonight every Reiss in the country (and possibly abroad) had our launching of the new season VIP event, which involved free champagne and cocktails, a free make-over and 10% discount! What more could you want?! Here are a few snapshots from the evening...

Visual merchandiser...finally a smile after a morning of stress!

A selection of clutch bags we have in this season. I love the ball one, it's so cute!

Me taking advantage of the free make-over

Very happy Reiss customer

Manager making some cocktails...under the watchful eye of the trained bar man of course!

A very fun and lively night was had by all! Good times.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Work = Stupendous

Sorry for the dramatic title, just that I had such a good day at work today. Really got a chance to interact with the customers and one in particular, which really made me happy.

A lovely lady came in, also called Charlotte, coincidence? She was looking for an outfit for tomorrow night to wear to a birthday dinner and she wanted to look really nice, really fancied dressing up and making an effort. She tried on nearly everything we had in store, frustrating you may think but not at all! Is really good for knowledge of the clothes and future reference to see different people wearing them and even though she apologised regularly for taking a long time etc I did not mind in the slightest...in fact I enjoyed every minute, it gave me a real chance to do some styling and dress her up.

The first outfit that was a contender for the night was really nice but maybe a little bit laid back. She tried a pair of black 'Jack' trouser with a gorgeous creamy silk top 'Alicia', thin black waist belt and brand new in gorgeous magenta heels that really added style to the outfit.

However, after having tried on many tops and trousers etc to create the look, she still had a few dresses to go and as soon as she put on the navy blue 'Donatella' dress, she was hooked! So we styled it with some fabulous nude heels 'Spritz' and she looked stunning!

Know this probably sounds really boring and makes you think "yeah well that is your job love!" but there was something about helping this lady find her outfit because she was so anxious and so grateful for all the help she received...was just so nice and rewarding to see someone leave so happy and excited about their outfit! Is what the job is all about and you don't actually get to help someone so much everyday! Really cheered me up : D!

So thanks Charlotte, and hope you have an amazing evening! Am looking forward to seeing the picture of it all put together for the evening!

Monday, 7 March 2011

Wish List

Yesssss know I went shopping on Saturday but have been building up this wish list for a little while and now that I am becoming unbearably desperate for the items I can no longer keep it in. So here is my wish list...It's not particularly seasonal just things that I want now and could use over and over again forever and ever!!

No I don't want Keira Knightley (not today anyway) really I want my hair similar to that...am soooo bored of having long hair, it's probably the one thing people know about me as it has pretty much been like this all my life and have been craving chopping it all off lately so...this is how I would like it!

The rest is pretty self explanatory: over the knee black boots (some good ones on ebay to be honest) trouser braces (quite fancy brown leather ones if they exist) lancome berry rose lipstick (hopefully a nice deep red like the magazine advertised) Ray Ban Wayfarers (originals of course!) heeled chelsea boots (in grey or brown please) black fedora hat (or maybe a trilby...haven't decided yet) Dr Martins (black originals of course!) and WeSc Obeo Headphones in Blue!!!

Huhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...no harm in dreaming I suppose!!

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Tom Fleury

Tom Fleury is the designer at Cristallium Inclusion Art, a jewellery company I discovered yesterday. At least I think that is the facts, the website is all in french and so I've had to assume a few things and do a little translation work http://www.cia-bijoux.fr/

From what I can deduce they use a material called poly methyl methacrylate acrylic, which could be a new synthesised plastic. And within the pendants, rings, knife handles, key fobs etc they have inserted such materials as pearls, crystals and gold flakes. The rings especially are beautiful, they are so elegant yet edgy at the same time and each piece is so carefully crafted giving them a real lustre and appeal.

This is a sample from the 'Black' collection, and from what I can deduce the 'Black and White' collection is PROCHAINEMENT = coming soon. Very exciting!!

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Afternoon on Park Street

As today was a day off work and uni for me, my flat mate and I decided to brave the cold and make our way to the glorious and glamorous Park Street...via St Nicholas market of course!! Know it is supposed to be Spring with colours and trends all getting brighter and bolder but it is still so bloomin cold that I feel my thick, knitted and slightly more neutral coloured clothes choices are completely justified. There are some gorgeous Spring collection clothes out there though...Am very excited for the time when I will be able to start wearing them!!

Outfit: Red vest AW 10 Topshop. Camel trousers AW 10 New Look. Scarf SS 11 Primemark.
Half time hot chocolate break at Cafe Rouge...know where else would do!!

Was debating whether to call this entry 'retail therapy...or retail depressant?' instead, but in the end I thought it would be a bit too misleading to be so miserable, as I still had a really good day. The reason for the alternative title however is an important one...I have no money (lol...and isn't that the same for every other student) but due to lack of self control I still succumbed to the call of shops such as Motel, bs8, Primemark etc and somehow money exchanged hands blah blah blah and I walked home with these goodies:
Sleeveless shirt (actually a gorgeous red), Carlo Colucci Cardigan and silk headscarf, Motel. And gold threaded navy blue jumper, Primemark. [Sorry for the poor photo quality...the lighting in this room is shite!!]

So I ask with all the money worries people have is it really retail therapy?!!

A little about Carlo Colucci (http://www.futura4retail.com/en/Local-References/carlo-colucci.html) Although I had never heard of this brand before, which is understandable as they have no stores in the UK, I am very excited to have found this cardigan. There was another I had my eye on first but then when I saw the gold detailing on this ones lapel plus it so very soft and comfortable, I just had to have it!!

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Secret diary of an obsession

With the great deal of time I seem to have on my hands not being able to bring myself to do a load of maths and physics, I seem to have a developed a little obsession with...Secret Diary of a Call Girl!! With some more spare time, I tried to work out why...could it be Belle? (odd)! Her career? (odd again but possible)...! And then it hit me!! It's the glamour and the hair and the make-up and most importantly the clothes!!! Obviously I like fashion but I never thought that my choice of TV watching would be governed by it, then again nothing surprises me any more.

Therefore, as a tribute to the programme and it's fabulous costume designer Edward K Gibbon (worked originally with theatre and since has been the clothes behind Skins, Skins USA and of course Secret Diary...GENIUS! If ever there was a job to envy I believe this is one of them.) I thought I'd showcase Belle's outfits from the new series....only wish I knew where everything was from. Where there's a will...there's a way!!

Week One - She even looks sexy and glamorous in her night gown! (I just let out a huge sigh...think that sums everything up really.)

Week Two - Couldn't quite get the screen shots to do this episode's styling justice but it doesn't need bigging up from me.

Week Three - The first two dresses are the same but the lighting was bad for the centre image so it just had to be shown twice...not a shame.

Week Four - THE SHOES they have appeared in every episode so far I think and I couldn't crave something more!

Week Five - The New York Issue, consequentially everything has gone a little American but final verdict = I like it!!

So there it is. Now to wait for next weeks episode. Loving your work Ed!