Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Secret diary of an obsession

With the great deal of time I seem to have on my hands not being able to bring myself to do a load of maths and physics, I seem to have a developed a little obsession with...Secret Diary of a Call Girl!! With some more spare time, I tried to work out why...could it be Belle? (odd)! Her career? (odd again but possible)...! And then it hit me!! It's the glamour and the hair and the make-up and most importantly the clothes!!! Obviously I like fashion but I never thought that my choice of TV watching would be governed by it, then again nothing surprises me any more.

Therefore, as a tribute to the programme and it's fabulous costume designer Edward K Gibbon (worked originally with theatre and since has been the clothes behind Skins, Skins USA and of course Secret Diary...GENIUS! If ever there was a job to envy I believe this is one of them.) I thought I'd showcase Belle's outfits from the new series....only wish I knew where everything was from. Where there's a will...there's a way!!

Week One - She even looks sexy and glamorous in her night gown! (I just let out a huge sigh...think that sums everything up really.)

Week Two - Couldn't quite get the screen shots to do this episode's styling justice but it doesn't need bigging up from me.

Week Three - The first two dresses are the same but the lighting was bad for the centre image so it just had to be shown twice...not a shame.

Week Four - THE SHOES they have appeared in every episode so far I think and I couldn't crave something more!

Week Five - The New York Issue, consequentially everything has gone a little American but final verdict = I like it!!

So there it is. Now to wait for next weeks episode. Loving your work Ed!

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