Monday, 7 March 2011

Wish List

Yesssss know I went shopping on Saturday but have been building up this wish list for a little while and now that I am becoming unbearably desperate for the items I can no longer keep it in. So here is my wish list...It's not particularly seasonal just things that I want now and could use over and over again forever and ever!!

No I don't want Keira Knightley (not today anyway) really I want my hair similar to soooo bored of having long hair, it's probably the one thing people know about me as it has pretty much been like this all my life and have been craving chopping it all off lately so...this is how I would like it!

The rest is pretty self explanatory: over the knee black boots (some good ones on ebay to be honest) trouser braces (quite fancy brown leather ones if they exist) lancome berry rose lipstick (hopefully a nice deep red like the magazine advertised) Ray Ban Wayfarers (originals of course!) heeled chelsea boots (in grey or brown please) black fedora hat (or maybe a trilby...haven't decided yet) Dr Martins (black originals of course!) and WeSc Obeo Headphones in Blue!!! harm in dreaming I suppose!!

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