Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Kooky or ridiculous?

Saw something a little strange today...was getting off the bus at university when a fairly tall, quite on trend dressed boy walked past me with two different shoes on!?

This, in effect, was what it looked like. 

Now I'm all for wearing what ever you want...but to a certain extent. Clashing colours, layering lots of different textures, mixing up the styles, you know just being generally a bit kooky! But, not really sure how to feel about two different shoes? It wasn't even like they were the same shoe and different colours because you could tell that as an individual shoe each one belonged to a pair. Can you image if a woman decided to go a little crazy one day and pair a nice heel with a cowboy boot? Not really going to work is it!

So I ask...is this kooky or ridiculous?!

Another thing I saw at uni today, and sorry about all the engineering machinery in the background, there was no escape from it regrettably, was this:

Unfortunately there was no name or description with it so I have absolutely no idea what it's for but a couple thoughts I had were 1. For an advertisement project, as the grey base says Rimmel, or 2. A lipstick holder for a project, as the other products around it were remakes of classic items e.g. a radio and a bin. However, the truth will never be known, it is pretty cool though.

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