Sunday, 8 May 2011


Beginning of April I was lucky enough to be invited on holiday with the boyf and his fam, to their villa in Lanzarote. The weather was absolutely beautiful all week, which meant we spent most of our time lazing about in the sun and by the pool but what more do you need!!

The boyf and I travelled out a day earlier than the rest of the group (lucky us!!) However, not so luckily our flight was at 7am meaning we had to be at the airport by 5am. It was therefore decided (possibly by me :S) that we should stay up all night watching movies because what would be the point in going to bed?! This turned out to be a very stupid idea...fortunately though we still managed to stay cheerful.

Travelling outfit: Hat, Accesorize (bought new at the airport). T-shirt, H&M. Jeans, H&M, which I wore turned up at the end.
Also you probably can't see it but I am sporting a brand new clinique ORANGE lipstick! Which I absolutely love!! It's so summery and colourful. Just what the doctor ordered : )

Whilst we were on holiday the boyf treated me to a gorgeous jacket from Vero Moda complete with funky elbow patches. And a beautiful peacock feather print scalf by a brand called pieces. So basically I was spoilt rotten for a week...good times!!
(Didn't have the jacket with me to take a photo of, sorry. But sure it will be up here soon)

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