Sunday, 8 May 2011

Fashion Design Interview Project

During Christmas time I may have had a slight mental break down and eventually came to the conclusion it was because I wasn't enjoying my degree course and so decided to interview for fashion design. Fortunately after having spoken to the head of fashion at my uni he agreed to the interview and as part of my portfolio I needed to complete a project that had been assigned to all potential interviewees.

The project consisted of taking an existing garment and altering it in what ever way you wanted. For my project I decided to take a couple of plain white t-shirts and convert one into a jacket and the other into a skirt, in order to create an outfit. Here are the finished articles:

To create the lace effect sleeves, collar and lapels I used an old net curtain.

The skirt was made by turning the t-shirt upside down, sewing the sleeves to the sides to create pockets and adding a bit of the net curtain for some detail along the bottom.

Since the interview I decided that I don't actually want to do fashion and have changed my mind again to something else (lol). Fingers crossed all goes well with this course instead!

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