Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Missing In Action

OH MY GAWWWWWDDDDDDDD!! Can't believe it's been nearly a month since I last posted...that's friggin disgraceful. To be fair it has been a horrendously busy last couple of weeks! Will do a massive but brief summary of everything that's been happening with me tomorrow but for now something interesting to share...

Wanted to show a few designers/stores (some online) that I have discovered recently. Probably all old news to everyone but me...however just in case here they are...

Location: Online and Shop 7, Dray Walk, Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane, London, E1 6QL

Info: Having started off as a t-shirt only brand in 2002 Public Beware now has a huge cult following and specialises in providing the 'art-savvy fashion enthusiasts' with the 'hippest' clothes. Their three lines consist of lots of unique and kirky items in a style that can only be called their own! Excellente!!

Location: On line

Info: SIN is an must visit site for any essential basics, key wardrobe pieces or, every now and then, a really unusual item that you can't live without. In summary it provides everything and it's not expensive!! Two thumbs up for this one!

Location: America

Info: Copied straight from the website because I couldn't put it any better...
"She is the Native heart, she is all neon light, she is a love child; she is a WILDFOX." 
WILDFOX COUTURE is an American Vintage-inspired women's knitwear brand. Combining great style and unsurpassed quality, Wildfox has quickly gained a following amongst celebrities, trendsetters and top retailers worldwide. 
Love em!!

Location: Everywhere. But in England: Austique, 330 Kings Rd, London, UK SW3 5UR

Info: Again...the website says it better
In 2003 Cynthia launched Twelfth Street by Cynthia Vincent.   Named after the street she grew up on, the media immediately applauded Twelfth Street’s irresistible combination of casual elegance and pitch perfect style. On-trend but never trendy, the collection became one of the fastest growing, “must-have” labels in the marketplace. From Sienna Miller to Ashley Olsen, the line instantly became a celebrity favorite.

Location: Again everywhere but can be found in several Harvey Nichols in the UK

Info: Modern, iconic, classic, beautiful, contemporary...what more needs to be said!

Location: Closest is in fact in Bristol :O Garment Quarter, 25 Penn Street!! Insane. But it is stocked in several other stores in the UK too...good times!!

Info: Experimental and unique Markus Lupfer has always been successful as a designer and now with his own brand he quickly developed a cult following. Who wouldn't be obsessed with him after seeing those amazing sequinned jumpers!! The giraffe will be mine!

Location: I discovered these guys on my holidays in Lanzarote but apparently they're everywhere :S who knew!!

Info: LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Have got one of their jackets now and it is awesome...will wear it this summer even if the over heating kills me! But more straight from the horses mouth...
VERO MODA is contemporary international fashion with widespread appeal to young women all over the world. Our ability to constantly follow trend developments and to adjust to the changing needs of the consumer and the market provides us with a solid and unique foothold within women's fashion clothing.

All images from the associated websites. No copy right theft here!

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